Original Kinzanji-miso - 150g cup

Original Kinzanji-miso - 150g cup

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Kinzanji-miso is a traditional fermentation food which is made from soy beans, barley, rice and several vegetables and is a special product of Yuasa in Kisyu (Wakayama) .  You can enjoy it with steamed rice and porridge, or vegetable stick like cucumber.  It is good to eat with tofu cheese and roasted meat as a topping.  

Yuasa is the birthplace of Japanese soy sauce and also of Kinzanji-miso.  The beginning of soy sauce was said that it was liquid found and taken from the fermentation barrels at the process of making Kinzanji-miso.

About 770 years ago in 1249, a monk, Kakushin of Koukoku-ji Temple had learned how to make that miso at Kinzanji Temple in china and come back to teach Buddhism to the people by using how to make that miso in Yuasa since the water of Yuasa was good.

Ingredients: Rice, Barley, Soy Beans, Gourd, Sugar, Starch Syrup, Sea Salt, Egg Plant, Ginger, Japanese Herb-shiso/Alchole (all from Japan)

Shelf life :3 months.