Yuzu Ponzu - Citrus Seasoned Yuasa Soy Sauce  500ml

Yuzu Ponzu - Citrus Seasoned Yuasa Soy Sauce 500ml

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Yuzu Ponzu is a sour and sweet soy sauce with Yuzu flavor and soup stock of bonito and konbu.
It is very popular sauce in Japan using for various dishes such as hot pot (nabe) like Shabu-shabu, tofu, noodles, grilled fish, pork or beef, hamburger steak.
It is good for deep fried chicken or fish (Kara-age), boiled vegetables like spinach and salad as a dressing.
It is good for sashimi especially for white meat like flounder and best for Chinese dumpling.
Yuzu is a sour citrus with a wonderful aroma and flavor which is different from lemon, lime or orange much used in Yuzu sorbet.
Local yuzu juice of Arida, Wakayama is one of the most famous and high quality product. Since much amount of yuzu juice is used in it, something comes from dashi or yuzu juice might be floating or precipitating at the bottom.
On the surfice of requid, there is a dirty part in the bottle but it is because of the yuzu oil which give you a good flavor. So, please shake it before use.

Ingredients: Soy Sauce (water, soy beans, wheat), Rice Vinegar, Yuzu Juice, Starch Syrup, Sweet Sake, Sugar, Salt, Konbu (Sea Weed) Extract, Katuo-bushi(Bonito) Extract