Yuzu Ume Tsuyu  200ml - Yuasa Soy Sauce

Yuzu Ume Tsuyu 200ml - Yuasa Soy Sauce

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Yuzu citrus juice and plum vineger are mixed with Shiro dashi light color soy sauce. Tsuyu - dip soup sauce for noodle. 3 times concentrated.  Fresh flavor of Yuzu and plum is very refreshing and good to eat with somen, udon and soba noodle.   
Great to eat with salad and tofu as a dressing.  Good to eat with Tempura and Shabusyabu, too. 

Ingredients: Soy Sauce including Wheet and Soy Beans, Sugar, Fructose Dextrose Solution Sugar, Yuzu Juice, Plum Vinegar, Katuo Bonito Dashi, Sweet Sake, Konbu (Sea Weed) Dashi, Salt, Katuo-bushi(Bonito) Extract,

Shelf life : 6 months